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What is the EMF safe level?

According with the Building Biology Institute in Germany, the safe level recommendation for radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, that does not present health risks, is under 0.1 microwatts per square meter (μW/m²) in sleeping areas. Scientific studies have consistently shown health issues above this threshold. We can also extend this level guideline as a crucial level of safety anywhere, for any individual that spends there a ‘considerable amount of time’. In other words wherever you spend ‘a considerable amount of time’, either at your home, your work place or your school classroom, the RF EMF shouldn’t be higher than 0.1 μW/m² or you could be exposing yourself to excessive EMF radiation which carries health risks. The intensity and the amount of time is what dictates the level of exposure.


The EMFs that are affecting us today the most are generated in the radio frequency band, mainly used by the Telecom industry for mobile phone technology.

There are countless studies Worldwide that have proven without any doubts that EMF radiation is harmful to our health, please visit EMF-PORTAL that has nearly 35,000 thousand published studies and summaries regarding the negative effects of EMFs to human health, including major health illnesses such as Autism, Asthma, Diabetes, Behavioral problems, Brain cancer, Breast cancer, DNA change, DNA mutation, Erectile dysfunction, Fertility, Insomnia and sleep problems, Leukemia, Liver damage, hazard to Pregnancy, Sperm defects,  Testes deformation, Tinnitus, and many more, all with strong links to excessive exposure to EMFs.

Excessive EMF radiation was labeled as a “clear cause” of cancer by a scientific peer review by the Unites States Government in march 2018. Despite all the data and the scientists’ warnings, the Governments safety guidelines for EMFs are ridiculous and astronomically high!

The safe level guidelines in the USA and Europe are 100,000,000 million times over the Scientists’ safe levels! A massive discrepancy that only benefits the Telecom industry.

The public is in the dark! Urban dwellers are unaware of the astronomic levels of EMF they are being exposed to. When you add the telecom generated EMF’s with the EMF’s we generate in our own homes and work places, you will get a super toxic environment, that is many times more dangerous to children, especially harmful for their brain functions that are developing.

Let’s unite and map the EMFs in our cities and raise the awareness to the radiation danger, and perhaps help implement new safer guidelines for EMFs.

Measurements veracity and methodology

We are trying to be practical and as accurate as possible by taking sample measurements in MicroWatts/m2 or Watts/m2 with professional EMF meters, within a certain distance of clear major EMF sources where the public is exposed to, on regular basis in our urban areas. Doing so we can draw a picture of the EMF pollution in those areas taking in consideration each measurement distance from the source of course, closer measurements may present higher values than further measurements and so on. Also the EMF sources are surrounded by radiation of other origins, especially in dense urban areas. For that reason it is correct to say that the values here presented are for the EMF radiation ‘in the vicinity’ of a possible ‘major EMF emitting source’, but we cannot say for certain that the EMF value found is generated alone by the suspected source. In other words, we are measuring the EMF by a mobile tower for example, and the values represent the EMF in that place, most likely to be generated really by that mobile tower, but not necessarily from it alone! It would be impossible otherwise to measure the EMF emitted from the tower alone as it is surrounded by other sources. Like in a forest fire, when in front of a big tree in flames, you can say by looking at it that the smoke is from the tree, but when looking in a bigger picture, smoke will be seen from other sources around as well.

We estimate that the measurement values taken and mapped here, are on average 98% generated by the EMF sources themselves, as opposed to background EMF from other sources.

To conclude, we can say that the values when taken properly are an accurate snapshot of the radiation level in those particular places. However it is far from the whole amount of radiation people are being exposed to throughout the day of course, the whole picture is much uglier unfortunately.

EMF Watch readings are provided by contributor EMF professionals and enthusiasts around the World, using their own measuring equipment and meters, and we consider that more than adequate as field reading samples!

Astronomical levels of EMF are already upon us! Bombarding us over everywhere, all the time, indiscriminate. No concerns towards the public’s health or our children’s well being are being given! We need united and URGENT action to map EMFs and raise awareness to the danger!

If I can’t see, it will not harm me!

That is exactly how the public is going about with EMF radiation, they can’t see it, so they assume it is safe. They may know there is something there but they choose to ignore it, it is not immediate, probably it will not harm. But why? We think it is just ignorance but also complacence, similar to the way smokers act. They will only pay attention when it hurts unfortunately and it is unavoidable.

Humans are short-sighted, they will run if they see fire coming at them, but if someone tells them to not drink water with high levels of Lead because they may get cancer in couple years, they will normally ignore it.

Electromagnetic radiation when in excess can harm you and your children!

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