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EMF Watch is a private initiative designed and operated by EMF Expert™, a company offering EMF inspections and shielding.


EMF Watch it a non-profit website service, and its maintenance and costs rely on EMF Expert™ staff support, third party donations, crowdfunding and eventual affiliate advertisement to help fund the service expenses, its logistics and existence.


The future for EMF Watch is to become an independent organization, perhaps this will be possible when more participants and collaborators join-in. EMF Expert is the founder and only acting as a temporary administrator for the project.


EMF Watch is not designed to cover any specific area or country, but to serve all its users Worldwide. The service is open to the public to view and collaborate with its development.


Due to logistics, EMFW is published in the English language, however it may be available in other languages in the future. manage valid electromagnetic radiation (EMR) measurements generated by its collaborators and promises to map and maintain these measurement details online so they can be shared with the World. EMFW does that with the best of its available resources! But it doesn’t not guarantee that its service will be uninterrupted, free from errors or unchanged, as it relies on third parties to service and maintain its operations. EMFWatch reserves the right to change, modify its service and data without the consent of its supporters, donors and collaborators. However EMFW will do its best to maintain its EMF mapping promise with the best of its team capabilities. accepts donations via paypal or bitcoin.


EMF’s are a modern health hazard, misunderstood by the broad public, mismanaged by Governments and mislead by the Telecom industry. Only private support, united can help change the reality upon us! Our airways are radio frequency radiation toxic to life and it’s getting worse by the day. Our children and the next generations rely on our actions today to safe guard their future! Together we can raise the awareness of the EMF problem with initiatives such as
| Emmanuel Alen, EMF Expert CEO.


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To inform the public about EMF radiation emitting sources that can affect their health across urban areas.


To serve as a unified electrosmog database and online mapping service, by providing means to catalog and map Telecom EMF emitting sources of radiation in common urban areas and beyond, for all its users, participants and collaborators.


To increase awareness of the EMF issue, and to help lead Governments to implement safer to life guidelines to regulate EMF levels in our environment.

Help us map the radio frequency electromagnetic radiation levels around our urban areas. EMF’s are skyrocketing in our cities, mainly generated by the Telecom infrastructure, EMF’s can affect our health when accumulated and in high levels. Many city dwellers work and live under extreme levels of RF EMF radiation! Children are the most affected!


5G is coming and with it a lot more dangerous EMF’s, this could be yet a bigger threat to our common health!


The levels of EMF’s in our cities are unknown, by measuring them we can raise awareness and perhaps have our local Governments implementing safer guidance levels to control the excess of radio frequency radiation that is invading our World.