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There are 4 pieces of information that are important in an EMF reading for EMFWatch:

  1. The geographic coordinate of the EMF source.
  2. An EMF reading sample using an EMF meter, we don’t accept measurements from mobile apps!
  3. The distance from your measurement (the meter) and the base of the EMF source, except if is an area sample measurement where the source is unknown.
  4. A picture of the EMF source, such as a tower or mast.
If you have an EMF meter, make a good use of it and help us mapping the EMF sources around you by taking some measurements in your local area. Together we can all help to raise the awareness of the electrosmog that is inundating our cities.
If done right, taking a reading shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time. Thank you for collaborating!
Different distances from the source can present different values, also levels can vary throughout time, closer is not necessarily higher however it is proportional on most cases. What is important however, is to obtain a sample reading which is not necessarily the highest value.
There is no set distance for a reading, just make sure it is a measurable distance and is not too far from the source. Telecom RF EMF emitters propagate its signals to miles away in distance and in all directions.
Multiple measurements can be provided for the same EMF source, and/or by different people (technicians). We will record all submitted readings and map all the varibles. However only one reading will be considered ‘current’, and it will be chosen by the following order:
  1. st – By the highest value.
  2. nd – From the most recent measurement.
  3. rd – The most reliable sample and source.
No personal data will be taken from you, except your name, your meter model and serial number so measurements can be qualified as valid.
Measurements should be provided in one of the following units:
  • volts per meter (V/m)
  • microwatts per meter sq. (μW/m²)
  • watts per meter sq. (W/m²)
  • decibel-miliwatts (dBm)
  • miligauss (mG)
  • microtesla (μT)
We can recalculate variants if necessary.


To contribute with EMF WATCH, you will need to have an EMF meter capable to measure EMF’s in
  • volts per meter (V/m)
  • microwatts per meter sq. (μW/m²)
  • watts per meter sq. (W/m²)
  • decibel-miliwatts (dBm)
  • miligauss (mG)
  • microtesla (μT)

We do not take measurements from mobile apps!


Should be taken in public areas by the EMF emitting source. For example by standing in a street by a Telecom tower or cell mast in a building.
Include the distance between the meter (measurement) and the ‘base’ of the source, if the mast is in a building, measure the distance from the meter and the base of the building. There is no set distance for a reading.
Have to last around 6 minutes, during which you should take the highest value or the peak hold value if your meter has this option. Basically leave the meter on for 6 minutes and monitor it by taking notes of the highest values or the peak hold value.
Should be taken with a figure-of-eight gesture in front of the EMF source, this is the recommended way to sample the reading.
Have a valid location, take the geographic coordinate of the EMF source!
Have to include a picture of the EMF source so others can recognize it.